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The Menu

The menu is one of the main pillars of the Reshape program.

There is a strong focus on nutrition as a means to change the biochemistry of the body, help it flush out toxins and revive itself.

The basic principles of healthy cooking are observed in the nutrients and recipes used to develop the menu. The aim is to activate processes at the cellular level, to support detox, anti-aging, to counteract inflammation and fight oxidative stress, while at the same time being pleasant and delicious for the senses.

  1. Basic principles in preparing the menu:

    • If possible, only natural and high quality ingredients are used (without artificial flavour enhancers, preservatives, colouring agents, etc.);
    • Reduced amount of sodium (salt) - only sea or Himalayan salt is used;
    • Only low-calorie natural sweeteners such as xylitol, erythrol and stevia are used;
    • If possible, only seasonal vegetables and fruits are used or, exceptionally, fresh frozen during the season;
    • Suitable fats for cooking are used: coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, sesame oil - cold pressed and in very small quantities (not more than 1 teaspoon per serving);
    • The nuts and seeds used are soaked for better digestion;
    • The fish included are farmed in the most natural conditions possible.

Slimming and remodelling body procedure with the innovative
device LED T.H.E.S. Body system of Skeyndor Institute Bulgaria

LED T.H.E.S. Body system is the latest generation device for achieving fast and visible results in sculpting your body.

LED T.H.E.S. Body system is the only equipment on the Bulgarian market that combines simultaneously in one procedure LED (photostimulation), thermal stimulation and electrical stimulation for body remodelling, treatment of sagging skin, cellulite and fat deposits.

LED T.H.E.S. Body system makes it possible to treat different areas of the body simultaneously and in one procedure. Depending on the selected setting and the selected activating cosmetic product, you can choose between slimming and tightening procedure.

  1. 3 technologies in one for maximum efficiency:

    • LED (photostimulation) - light therapy naturally boosts energy metabolism, promotes cell renewal and collagen production
    • Thermal stimulation improves skin functions, stimulates blood circulation and supports the absorption of active ingredients
    • Electrical stimulation stimulates muscle contractions, strengthens the muscles and adjacent tissue

  2. 2 types of procedures according to the desired results:

    • Slimming procedure - suitable for hard cellulite, ‘melting’ fat and getting rid of ‘orange peel’.
      The slimming procedure contains anti-cellulite drone, artichoke extract, which effectively drains and releases toxins, caffeine and derivatives 5% + carnitine 3%, which ‘melt’ excess fat from the body contour.
    • Tightening procedure – suitable for mild cellulite and tightening the body contour.
      The tightening procedure contains a slim drone that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, a fibrolytic substance, an astringent extract of soy and caffeine and 4% derivatives, which reduce fat deposits.

Intravenous (IV) therapies and energizing shots

Innovation for your vitality and energy.

A mixture of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients is introduced intravenously directly into the bloodstream for more efficient absorption by cells. This method significantly increases the level of these substances in the blood compared to their intake through food or in the form of food supplements. This provides optimal amounts of vitamins and minerals that reach the cells and help maintain good health and prevent a number of diseases.

The intravenous therapy can easily and quickly relieve you of the problems associated with changing climate zones and time zones, of various types of infections and improve your sexual health. It helps to improve your athletic performance and is indispensable in building perfect muscles. On the list of beneficial effects of IV therapies are also restoration of electrolyte balance, improvement of detoxification and cleansing processes.

  1. About the therapy included in the price of the program:

    Master detox infusion to clear the effects of the release of toxins.

    Composition: High doses of vitamins of group C and B, Magnesium (for musculo-skeletal apparatus), substances for clearing the liver and detox.

  2. About therapies that can be requested for an extra charge:

    2 options are available:

    • 2 therapies in 2 consecutive days
    • 4 therapies in 4 consecutive days


    Day 1 – Detox infusion

    Composition: high doses of vitamin C, vitamin B complex, NAC (n-acetyl-cysteine), transmethyl, magnesium (optional), high doses of Glutathione, vitamin B12 IM, and coenzyme Q10 IM + option - the secret of Russian athletes!


    • the best wellness therapy with many vitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes and minerals
    • reduces stress levels in the body
    • strengthens and improves the functioning of the immune system
    • detoxification of the body with a special focus on the liver
    • leads to balance and optimal functioning of the body
    • achieves balance in the body and optimal health
    • increases energy levels, eliminates fatigue and fights the effects of stress and busy lifestyles


    Day 2 – Radiant skin/Liver detox

    Composition: vitamin C, vitamin B complex, NAC (n-acetyl-cysteine), high doses of Glutathione, Slimboost IM (other vitamins of the B group, Methionine, which is a precursor of transmethyl).


    • the best wellness therapy to cleanse the liver and improve the condition of the skin, hair and nails with many vitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes and minerals
    • slows down the aging process
    • makes a strong detox of the liver. As a result, the skin, as the largest excretory organ, does not need to compensate for impaired liver function.
    • detoxification of the body - removes free radicals, strengthens the protective functions of cells.
      Contains one of the most important antioxidants for the human body - Glutathione, which fights the effects of chronological aging
    • improves the regenerative capacity of the body
    • increases energy levels, eliminates fatigue and fights the effects of stress and busy lifestyles

SPA procedures

SPA ritual ‘Sarai Bath’

The ritual begins with an oriental peeling with a rough textile bag, proceeds to a massage with soapsuds and ends with a clay mask on the whole body.

‘Fire and Ice’ Therapy

The therapy includes peeling of the problem areas and anti-cellulite massage with a gel, which strengthens the metabolism and prevents the appearance of cellulite.


Special Oriental massage, a complex of manual techniques and physical exercises. Restores the symmetry and functional balance of the body and increases the body’s vital forces. Eliminates and improves a wide range of discomforts.

Are you ready to discover your top form?

reShape is a luxury holistic program to help people feel alive, beautiful and healthy.