Get a fresh start

Forget appetite suppressants and supplements whose names are difficult to pronounce.

Trust the powerful force of Bulgarian nature, presented in a form convenient for everyone, and see the result after only 2 weeks. Your body and organism will be renewed, refreshed and energetic.

Detoxification has enormous benefits for our health.

Our body, when it has accumulated toxins, gives us signals that we need detoxification. If we do not pay attention to these signals, toxins accumulate in the organs and harm us.

ReShape Detox Tea gently strengthens the process of organs purification, while ensuring a fresher and rested look for a completely healthier self.

The formula for success: 6 herbs from Bulgaria

A specially created selection of 6 complementary herbs with active detoxifying effect.
Bulgarian oilseed rose (Damask rose)
Milk thistle

The Reshape Detox Tea superpowers

When does your body scream that it wants a DETOX ?

Your skin and hair are constantly exhausted

You gain weight for no reason

You do not lose weight despite all the diets you undergo

You suffer from chronic fatigue and apathy

You have a swollen belly

Going to the toilet is a challenge

Sleep disturbances

You have taken antibiotics and other medicines

You heard your body right: DETOX, DETOX, DETOX!