Dr. Biser Pukalski

Physician, consultant and mentor

With undisguised pleasure we want to introduce to you Dr. Biser Pukalski. We realize that the task is almost impossible, as his life path is more than full, colourful and abundant with moments that could easily find their place in the book of human history.

However, we will try to synthesize the information realistically and fairly, as follows:

Dr. Pukalski was born in Sofia, grew up and graduated in General Surgery in Pleven. In the second year in military service, due to the circumstances, he became a military scholarship holder and signed a contract with the Bulgarian army for a period of 20 years, which largely predetermined his future development.

At the end of the 80’s, he started his career and from its very beginning he gained extensive experience in various positions in Bulgaria, including the Military Medical Academy.

From 2004 to 2015 he changed his professional direction and devoted himself to military missions abroad. And to date he is the doctor with the most accomplished ones – a total of 15. He was in Iraq, Afghanistan, Mali, Iraq, Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he held a variety of positions – from general practitioner to mentor.

What will he not forget about his missions abroad?

Absolutely nothing, like the bitter cold, -27°C, in Sarajevo; the incredible heat, +57°C, in the shade in Kuwait; the feeling of cosiness and home in Mali. As Dr. Pukalski says: ‘It cannot be explained, it must be experienced!’

In 2015, before completing his last mission in Kandahar, he decided to apply to Resident Medical Officers in England. The agency hires doctors on duty from all over the world. He was quickly approved, successfully certified and immediately after retiring from the army, he left for his new position, to which he devoted more than 5 years of his professional experience. His job is every second – 24 hours a day he is available to patients, not only working but also living in the hospitals where he is posted.

In the meantime, he got acquainted with the idea of Reviv, researched the products and supported the owners of the clinic for the realization of the endeavour.

He officially returned to Bulgaria and from 01.04.2021 took a position as a doctor and consultant for anyone who wants to get a professional opinion about their health and take the necessary steps to improve it.

He is proud that both his sons follow in his footsteps and are dedicated to the same humane profession. The older, Dr. Yavor Pukalski, PhD, is a doctor of medical sciences and works in Pirogov’s Paediatric Traumatology, and the younger Nikola is currently studying medicine.