Dr. Georgi Antonov


General practitioner with over 35 years of experience. Program consultant who will monitor the general health condition of the participants.

He will actively help us in the process of:

  • analysis of laboratory parameters and tests;
  • analysis and case history of current and past health problems, ailments and diseases in the respective field;
  • If necessary, giving a prescription, advice, recommendations for additional tests, treatments;

Works perfectly with children and adult patients. Performs preventive examinations of children and adults, referral for consultation with another specialist, primary and secondary examinations, treatment of a number of diseases, issuance of a medical referral, etc.

He graduated from the Military Medical Academy in Plovdiv in 1981. After graduating he started working in a children’s ward in Velingrad. He has been a general practitioner since 2000. Over the years he has participated in numerous conferences and trainings, which contributed to his continuous development in the dynamics of healthcare.