Katya Bashur

Specialist in nutrition science

Ekaterina Bashur is a specialist in nutrition science and a coach in healthy eating, graduated from the largest school for holistic healthy eating in the world – the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN), New York, USA, specializing in hormonal health.

Provides individual and group counselling as well as workshops on various topics such as:

  • nutrition for hormonal health;
  • permanent weight loss;
  • weight gain;
  • anti-age nutrition;
  • detox programs, etc.

She is the founder of the online educational program “New Life in 100 Days”, which includes a full course of lectures on healthy eating, as well as ways to change your life completely to a healthier one.

The approach is holistic and individual. This means that in each case, not only eating habits are taken into account and recommendations are made also about lifestyle, physical activity, and relationships with family, career, and spiritual practice – all that constitutes the life of a person.

Basic principles:

  • bioindividuality;
  • replacing unhealthy foods with others – healthier;
  • recognizing and deconstructing emotional overeating;
  • the principle that the body restores itself, if given the chance.

The main consultations are in Bulgaria, Spain and Russia. In Bulgaria, she is part of the team of Mother’s Home Medical Center.

The programs and consultations aim to make lasting changes and build healthy habits for life, which will make you happier and more energetic!